On Snacking Before Shabbat Mussaf Without Kiddush

The following is in response to an online discussion in "Mail Jewish":

 JM claimed that kiddush is unnecessary before snacking Shabbat morning between shahrit and mussaf. This is not the accepted halakha in most communities, Sephardic and Ashkenazic, except in cases of duress. There have been poskim who maintained that the obligation for daytime kiddush is only after mussaf, and prior to that the halakha is similar to pre-shahrit. There also have been poskim who permitted "tasting" before daytime kiddush even when the time for kiddush has arrived. However, Shulhan Arukh does not posek like either of these views.

 Shulhan Arukh's formulation in OH 289:1 makes clear that once the time for kiddush arrived, kiddush is necessary even before "tasting". When Shulhan Arukh in OH 286:3 states that a snack is permitted after shahrit before mussaf it is coming to exclude the opinion that prohibits having a snack before mussaf even with kiddush; basically, this is not a kiddush halakha at all (see Bet Yosef). This is the unambiguous interpretation of Shulhan Arukh and the p'sak of most of the leading poskim including: Birke Yosef, Mishna Berura, Arukh Hashulhan and Kaf HaHayim. (All on OH 286.)

 In a follow up to his previous posting on this subject, JM mentioned several poskim who through the centuries held that "a little something" between shahrit & musaf is OK without kiddush as it is not yet time for kiddush. He informs us that Rabbi Obadiah Yosef in Yabia Omer (v. 5 OH 22:2) discusses the topic & cites two additional poskim of this opinion. Joey omitted to say that Rabbi Yosef cites many poskim that kiddush "is" required before snacking after shahrit before musaf, that it is the interpretation of Shulhan Aruch according to the most widely accepted authorities and that it is also Rabbi Obadiah Yosef's own p'sak.

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