Special Halakhot for Shabbat Ereb Pesah

1. The Siyum Bekhorot is pushed back to Thursday and is treated more leniently than in other years. A non-bekhor father who might normally attend a siyum on behalf of his first born minor son is exempt, as are women bekhorot.

2. Bedikat Hames (searching for hames) is done Thursday night after the stars appear (approximately 25 minutes after sunset) followed by recital of the first "Kal Hamirah" (annulling unseen hames).

3. Hames is burned Friday morning by the end of the fifth hour (usually aproximately 10:10 a.m.), the same time as in other years so that there be one uniform halakha for all years, notwithstanding that this year we are permitted to eat and own hames until Shabbat morning.

4. The second "Kal Hamirah" (annulling all hames) is recited Shabbat morning by the end of the fifth hour (usually aproximately 10:10 a.m.).

5. Regarding Hamosi and Birkat Hamazon for the meals of Friday night and Shabbat day, several options are available:

A. We may eat bread (preferably pita which produces fewer crumbs) Friday night and Shabbat morning until the end of the fourth hour (usually approximately 8:55 a.m.), taking care not to have hames spread over the house or fall on Pesah utensils. Only a minimal amount of hames, that which is expected to be eaten, should be left for this purpose. Any leftover hames must be discarded by 10:10 a.m., by which time the final "Kal Hamirah" is recited. Disposal of hames should be into a garbage bag or receptacle left outside the home within the home's erub area (halakhic enclosure for purposes of carrying on Shabbat.) As a last resort hames leftovers may be flushed away. This option generally involves attending first minyan that Shabbat morning.

B. One who chooses to remove all hames on Friday, reciting the final "Kal Hamira" at that time, and uses regular matzoh Friday night in place of bread, would recite Hamosi and Birkat Hamazon as during Pesah. For the Shabbat day meal, fried or cooked whole matzoh, prepared from before Shabbat, may be used. The blessings on these items would be as during Pesah: Hamosi and Birkat Hamazon. Although we may not eat regular matzoh on Ereb Pesah Shabbat during the daytime, fried or cooked matzoh is allowed.

C. Egg Matzoh is Mezonot unless one eats a large amount of it (at least 6 ounces), in which case Hamosi and Birkat Hamazon are recited.