The time of immersion is a very special time. The counting, checking, washing and checking are over. Most of all, the time of physical distance from one's husband is about to be ended. The impending resumption of physical closeness for the couple that is represented by the night of the miqveh puts an electric excitment between the couple. After a proper immersion in the waters of the miqveh the couple is free to resume physical intimacy. Every touch of your beloved becomes appreciated all over again. The symbol of coming through the waters of the miqveh has been likened to a rebirth--as passion, which had been but glowing embers for the last few weeks, can once again flare up and be expressed physically.

1. When a woman immerses, her whole body and hair must be submersed at the same time. If even one hair is left out of the water the immersion is invalid and she remains Niddah. When she immerses in a Mikveh it is enough for her to immerse only once.

2. Many women are accustomed to immerse several times, this is only for additional safeguard and is not at all required.

3. A woman should be modest on the night that she immerses, not letting anyone know that she will be immersing. In a situation where the presence of a friend or neighbor is required to assist her in the immersion they may certainly accompany her.