The Holy Home

Laws of Niddah

Haskamah of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef
Why keep the Halacha of Sexual Relations?
How a Woman Becomes Niddah
Colors of Emissions and Stains
Behavior During Niddah
Hefsek Betahara (The Conclusion in Purity)
When Immersion is to be Performed
Cleansing before Immersion
Hasisa: Intervening Objects
Blessing Before Immersion
Abstaining in Anticipation of Menstruation
What is Considered a Fixed Period
To Whom the Rules of Fixed Periods Apply
Physical Periods
Giving Birth
Women Are Entrusted With The Laws of Niddah
Bleeding due to Sexual Relations
Onset of Menstruation; "Engagement;" Choosing the Wedding Date
Getting Married

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